About this Blog

I'm a technical writer and developer in Ontario, Canada.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to reach more people with interests in writing and web development. I love to figure out how things work, especially complex systems like language and code, and I love to teach and write what I know; marrying the two just seems natural.

I've also started writing about documentation to help developers improve this crucial skill. It's my way of giving back to the developer community, since I've learned so much from them over the years.

Now that I've started writing professionally, this blog also serves as part of my portfolio.

Some other things I'm working on right now:

The blog is generated from my posts on dev.to. Feel free to reach out to me there, or contact me directly.

More About Me

There are two things that fascinate me most about language. The first is how language evolves so quickly that hundreds of changes are made within a generation and we can barely understand the English of 400 years ago. The second is how intricate and complex some languages can be, from their writing systems to their grammar (I’m looking at you, Finnish).

It’s this second point that got me started learning programming. I realized a programming language is just a set of syntax rules like any other language, and I found myself wanting to learn all of them, though just enough to learn how they work (I'd call myself fluent in only a handful of them). This sparked a serious passion for technology that rivals my preoccupation with language.

I have always worked with language, and I am always learning new things about writing and editing. I started editing in high school, my first job being a copyeditor for a physics textbook. The source material was way over my head, and it was originally written in Mandarin, translated by hand to French, and Google-translated into English — the form I was ultimately responsible for. This job was a challenge to say the least. This had me learning more about physics than I ever thought I’d need to know and teaching myself technical editing before I even knew that was a thing.

I’ve written and edited many sorts of documents since then, but I have always enjoyed any work that has me learning a new topic and finding the simplicity in a complex idea. My work with dissertations and journal articles is an example of this; I was always excited to see what my next topic would be, and it was so rewarding to help clients graduate or get published.

My dream job and the one I'm pursuing now is writing for developers, whether it's programming tutorials or API documentation. There's nothing better than learning how something works and teaching others about it.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat language and technology or if you need a volunteer for your open source documentation — I’d be more than happy to help!